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Matt is a double BAFTA & EMMY winning DOP & Film-maker. He studied at the Welsh International Film School, beginning his career as a camera assistant & focus puller for 8 years on feature films, television dramas and commercials, the discipline of which serves him well in the digital era. He has worked with a diverse range of international acclaimed filmmakers on both cinema and television productions. Matt shoots across documentary, commercials and drama.

His first feature documentary as producer and DOP "Marathon Boy" alonside Dir & Producer Gemma Atwal, which they independetly produced for HBO, Arte and BBC Storyville won over 35 Grand Jury and Audience awards at International Film Festvals. For their work as producers on "Marathon Boy" Gemma and Matt were inducted into the Asia Pacific Screen Academy.

Matt's passions are documentary and drama, and the spaces between the two. In documentary shooting he found a natural aptitude & love for it. He is inspired by the privileged access he has had to a great diversity of people, places and experiences, and by the constantly changing demands and politics of his working environment. He tries to bring a cinematic discerning eye to the chaos of shooting documentary, and immediacy and intuition to his work in commercials and drama.

Over the last 23 years, Matt has filmed in most terrains and climates, from the jungles of Congo and Amazon to the Arctic.

Matt enjoys working withing both large or small crews plus is also and experienced and self-motivated self-shooting director.